itv2 "Life Amplified"

On Air Rebrand for itv

ITV2 is the naughty sibling of the ITV family. As part of the team at ManvsMachine, I contributed to creating a badly behaved channel brand system that disregards the norms of scheduling. Rather than producing a pre-packaged set of idents, we set out to develop an automated modular play-out system that generated the TV idents on the fly. This results in 300,000 possible edits - or to put it in another way, you would have to stay tuned-in for 36 years to enjoy every possible combination.


Using patterns as our conceptual base in the creative process, loosely following the theme of "Life Amplified", we strived to make the visual look of excess our own and use it as a branding tool for itv2. The visual collages were created around doublewords such as "HotDog", "SlamDunk", "TrafficJam", ...


Randomized Idents generated by itv2 Ident Algorithm

Additional Idents (Batch Two)

ManvsMachine has not only managed to incorporate dachshunds in hotdog outfits, explosive biscuit dunking and a whole lotta flippers into its ITV2 channel rebrand, but it’s also ensured that there’s not one, not two, nor even 100 different iterations of the ident.
— Emily Gosling @ It's Nice That
ManvsMachine has created a brilliantly creative set of idents.
— Rachael Steven @ CreativeReview


Client: itv2
Concept, Design, Direction: Manvsmachine
Role: Co-Director