Honda "KeepUp" for W+K

As part of the team at Manvsmachine, I had the pleasure of co-directing the TV and cinema commercials for Wieden+Kennedy's Honda 'Keep Up' campaign. The speed-reading inspired campaign takes the viewer on a rapid journey through Honda's manifesto and their latest product range.


When working on a minimalistic project, such as Honda's 'Keep Up' campaign, the hardest part is to distil the creative input down to what is really necessary. We began with the concept of speed-reading, then quickly elaborated on numerous visual possibilities in order to capture the essence: An incredibly reduced style that emphasizes the simplicity of reading. While we directed and laid out the structure and animation of the clip, the talented people at Analog executed the final production.

The latest TV campaign is equally arresting.
Wieden+Kennedy has struck gold again for Honda with the car brand’s latest TV campaign.
The Drum


Client: W+K for Honda
Concept, Design, Direction: ManvsMachine
Role: Co-Director