Film 4 - Film idenT

A wondrous film-strip inspired journey through an analog installation of the Film 4 Logo. This ident was created as the new Film 4 logo to be screened in front of all Film 4 productions.




Once again ManvsMachine teamed up with the brilliant people at Analog Studio to create a brand new standalone version of the classic Film 4 ident in order to align it to the TV idents. We tried to stay true to the original technique, while giving it grandeur and a british nuance of intellectual brutalism. While the team at ManvsMachine signed responsible for design and development, Analog Studio took care of producing the beast in full and glorious future-proof 4K.

As the project came with the limitations of the previously designed technique and the expectations to represent the brand and the cultural aspirations of it, we had to go through an elaborate RnD process in order to find the right solution:






Client: 4Creative
Direction & Design: Manvsmachine
VFX Production: Analog Studio
Music: Resonate