E! New York Fashion Week

E! is a one-stop-shop for everything pop culture and fashion-centric. Looking to create a more inclusive and engaging visual language, they commissioned ManvsMachine to produce the hero spot for their NYFW coverage. As part of the team at ManvsMachine, I created an interactive previsualization using Unreal Engine 4. This previsualization helped us make creative and production decisions before being on set, gaining a clear idea of what works and what doesn’t.


With just a few clicks we were able in realtime to adjust colors, speed of the light rig, breaks between flashes and move around the scene to find pleasing camera angles. This was the first time we explored the possibilities of previsualization using Unreal Engine. It became evident that there is a huge potential in improving the creative workflow, client interaction and preproduction by using a realtime render engine.


The final piece as it has been aired on TV:



Client: E!
Concept, Design, Direction: ManvsMachine
Role: Previsualization